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Luxury in fashion Reconsidered
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Published: October 03 2009

Comme des Garçon(Rei Kawakubo), Ensemble Spring/Summer 1997 Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Takashi Hatakeyama

The word “luxury” denotes a richness that derives from excess—an item gorgeous to behold, our special feelings when wearing such an item, our psychological satisfaction at its high refinement. Today, we know lives of material plenty as a result of industrial development. We also face the hard challenges of the global problems our materialistic way of life has created. In these circumstances, our views of luxury, as a manifestation of the richness we desire, are changing dramatically. This exhibition examines our changing times and values from the perspective of luxury, through fashion—a field that sensitively reflects human desire and the trends of society. Featured are some 100 fashion creations dating from the 17th century to current times, carefully selected from multiple perspectives and representing everything from visual luxury to a more personal, intellectual luxury, closer to the spirit of play. List of Brands or Artists
Balenciaga / Beer / Chanel / Christian Dior / Comme des Garçons / Courréges / Grés / Issey Miyake / Lanvin / Louis Vuitton / Madeleine Vionnet / Maison Martin Margiela / Paul Poiret / Pierre Cardin / Roy Lichtenstein / Schiaparelli / Thierry Mugler / Viktor & Rolf / Worth / Yves Saint Laurent * The text provided by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

Last Updated on October 31 2009

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

This exhibition which is held under the theme of “luxury (richness)” may be considered to be out of date, since nowadays a number of low-priced labels which are called “fast fashion”, such as UNIQLO, FOREVER 21 and H&M, have become popular. Nonetheless, “labels” would not be able to attract consumers unless they contain an aspect of “luxury”, wouldn’t they? We can find the transition of the “concept” of luxury through exhibits which have been created from the 17th century to modern times (eg. Maison Martin Margiela). How about thinking of the definition of “luxury” personally through the history of fashion which is presented visually in this exhibition? In addition, fifteen exhibits of high-definition images, which were created employing high-quality image expansion technology which were used to develop PlayStation 3, present “luxurious” craftsmanship to viewers. In the special exhibition entitled “Kazuyo Sejima Spatial Design for Comme des Garçons”, which is held in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Temporary Exhibition Gallery Atrium, shows an architectural approach to the fashion. This exhibition would show you a superb collaboration with the “Luxury in fashion Reconsidered”. I recommend you to enjoy these exhibitions in the venue flooded with sunlight, if possible. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

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