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Yan Jun solo exhibition “ practice ”
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Published: October 07 2016

photo by li yingwu

It's upcoming solo exhibition “practice" by Jun Jan.Yan Jun is an improviser, a writer and a poet. 20202 presents his first solo exhibition in Japan.The exhibition will run from October 28 (Fri) through November 29 (Sat), 2016.The performance will be held at 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 on October 29 (Sat) and 31(Mon) .His new installation work comprising all sounds, including a sound environment that surrounds gallery space.

yan jun, born in 1973 in lanzhou, china. based in beijing. artist-in-residency in berlin (daad) 2016-2017. as an improviser he is interesting on unstable instrument such as feedback system, untrained body movement, low skill voice, and situation with the environment ("living room tour" project for instance). he's doing field recording and compose with such materials for audio works and installations. as an organizer he brings people into creative actions as a form of art. he is member of fen (with otomo yoshihide, yuen chee wai and ryu hankil), tea rockers quintet (with xiao he, wu na, li daiguo and jiani), and impro committee. he is founder of sub jam label.
he is also a poet.this bio was written by himself.
sites: yanjun.org | subjam.org


Information Provided by: Gallery 20202

Period: October 28,2016 (Fri) 〜 November 26,2016 (Sat)
Hours: 15:00~19:00
Closed: sunday and wednesday
Venue: Gallery 20202

Last Updated on October 28 2016

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