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Maya ISHII:a song of the sea
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Published: September 10 2009

"something irreplaceable" (2009); acrylic and pen on board, 91×91cm, courtesy of YOKOI FINE ART copy right(c) Maya ISHII

The sky you happened to look up one day…The road you used to walk to school… These scenes of daily-life are cut out by Maya Ishii and drawn by acrylic, pen on board. Her delicate brushwork and the familiar, heartwarming subjects evoke sympathy from a lot of people. It can be seen on Manabu Makime’s “Kamogawa Horumo”, ”Princess Toyotomi” and so on which are the books she was in charge of their illustrations. For this exhibition, she tries to focus on the sea and makes 16 paintings of “sea”. How much can I find a brilliant something hidden in our daily life? When I am thinking about it, I saw the sea plays a role in connecting today to tomorrow because the sea show us various expression by the day’s changes. The sea is always “there” but its surface is not everlasting. She spotlights the stories she imagines on the sea. The wave shining in orange by the evening sun… the seashore a man stood alone… The shell which was lap on the beach… Ishii tries to gather the “light” twinkled on the scene and delivers it to the board with the mixed feelings. The light is, in other words, the symbol of the hope which works on us to evoke the hidden feelings in the depth of our hearts and foresees the bright future.

Twinkling of sea doesn’t show us the exact answer.

But it keeps showing us the countless glorious scene to the number of hope which is reflected on sea in any time.

Steadily Maya Ishii is deepening her world view through the experience of some exhibitions such as the solo show at Bunkamura Gallery last year and the paperworks’ exhibition at YOKOI FINE ART last March. As the progress of her technique, the light and the scenes she draws get to have the stronger message than before. Please do not miss this chance to see her 16 paintings of “sea” with a full of bright light of the hope. * The text provided by YOKOI FINE ART.

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