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VIP Art Fair, the first online art fair to launch on January 22

published: Jan 21,2011

four galleries including GALLERY KOYANAGI
Mizuma Art Gallery
participate from Japan.


"tentosenno alternative space" project, the 1st event held on Sat., January 22

published: Jan 20,2011

walking around Osaka art spaces.


Nao Tsuda's talk event in commemoration of latest photo book

published: Jan 19,2011

inviting the representative of AKAAKA
Kimi Himeno as the guest
January 21 at JUNKUDO
Shinjuku branch.


Mika Aoki's installation at BIWAKO Biennale 2010, the exhibition will be extended

published: Jan 18,2011

answered the high appraisal for the the 18th century tradesmen's house expressed with a cycle of the life as the concept.


Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai, Miyagi) received the Regional Art-Activities Prize 2010

published: Jan 17,2011

Ten years from the opening
the distinguished activity with a new concept ""services where the new front is opened by a new concept ""Mediatheque"" are praised.


Yasumasa Morimura received the 52th Mainichi Geijutsu Award

published: Jan 15,2011

praised the series exhibition ""MORIMURA Yasumasa A Requiem: Art on Top of the Battlefield"".


Suntory Museum came to an end in December 26, 2010

published: Jan 13,2011

known by its unique architectural concept designed by the well-known architect.


Hirokazu Moriguchi, the central existence of Kansai abstraction sculpture, died at the age of 80

published: Jan 10,2011

known by the works using industrial material such as such as iron and stainless steels.


Taichi Kodama won The Honourable prizes at Miniprint Finland 2010

published: Jan 9,2011

won the prize from 2,419 works by 866 artists applied from the world.


Felix Gonzalez-Torres bilding-board project held in Tokyo by January 22

published: Jan 5,2011

Tokyo-based contemporary gallery
hiromiyoshii has managed the exhibition at a building near by the Watari-um Art Museum.


"Roppongi Art Night 2011" announced to invite Yayoi Kusama who announces the latest work

published: Jan 3,2011

All night art festival held around Roppongi area
started 2009.


Talk event by Natsunosuke MISE and Manabu IKEDA, held at Kinokuniya Southern Theater on January 14

published: Dec 31,2010

commemorating the publication of their first collection book.


Film by Koki Tanaka is screened in the Ikebukuro cinema rosa theater from Saturday, February 19

published: Dec 29,2010

""Music dedicated to TONMATSU""
the premiere is held on the evening
December 29.


The 26th secret of Mona Lisa in her eyes? - the latest scientific data exhibited at the exhibition "Da Vinci: 25 secrets of Mona Lisa"

published: Dec 27,2010

The image by French optical engineer
Pascal Cotte who took a picture of Mona Lisa is specially being exhibited.


Ichiro Endo 'GO FOR FUTURE' project started simultaneously in six places January 15

published: Dec 25,2010

The press conference of the project start is held on Saturday
January 15.


Soup Stock Tokyo announced a special soup menu for the exhibition "Monet and painters in Giverny"

published: Dec 21,2010

The village where Monet spent later years is imaged
offering two weeks from Monday
January 10


VOCA 2011, Reika Nakayama gained the grand-prix

published: Dec 16,2010

The award winning works are showcased from March 14
2011 in Ueno Royal Museum.


YOKOHAMA PHOTO FESTIVAL, the prior event held from January 12 - 16 at YOKOHAMA RED BRICK WAREHOUSE

published: Dec 14,2010

portfolio reviews
photograph exhibition
and symposiums are scheduled.


DNP Museum Lab starts the first event of new series on art experience, on December 18

published: Dec 10,2010

The first time is the talk-show by a musician and composer
Umitaro ABE and a art writer
Yukihiro SUGAWARA.


"X'mas Art Festa" - annual art event with 43 galleries start Friday, December 10

published: Dec 7,2010

planning various enjoyable events including a gallery tour
talk shows and presents for visitors.

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