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Roppongi Hills became a new showplace of contemporary art

published: Feb 25,2011

five contemporary art galleries opened in Roppongi Hills and the Piramide Building.


Takahashi Collection moved to Hinode and restarted the activity at TABLOID GALLERY

published: Feb 24,2011

the first exhibition introduces works with many lending requests from the museums in the past.


"UIA2011 Tokyo: The 24th World Congress of Architecture" is held in Tokyo first time

published: Feb 23,2011

so-called “Olympics of Architecture”
a major international architectural event.


“2011 YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL OPEN-AIR ART FAIR”calls for applicants for the exhibition

published: Feb 22,2011

held on November 3 - 6
2011 at Zounohana Park Kaikou Hatoba


Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset won for the 2012 Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square

published: Feb 21,2011

selected from six internationally acclaimed artists.


"ROKKO MEETS ART" held in September, starts applicants for the competition work

published: Feb 19,2011

accepting a work considering the nature
and history of Mt. ROKKO
by March 31.


Contemporary art festival of nine days "G-tokyo 2011" starts tomorrow

published: Feb 18,2011

the forefront of Japanese contemporary art shown at each exhibition of 15 top galleries.


"Roppongi α Art Week" starts on February 18, aiming at discovering new talents

published: Feb 17,2011

held at the same period of ""GOBIDAI-TEN"" at The National Art Center


NHK TV program of an interview with Natsumi Tomita on February 15

published: Feb 15,2011

introducing her works by using scraps exhibited at ""The 3rd COREDO Women's Art Style: Spring Story 2011"".


US-based artist, Keiko Yagishita opened an official website for Japan

published: Feb 13,2011

know by the screen prints of Dog series in the world.


Kenji Etori announced a promotion video for the solo exhibition

published: Feb 11,2011

music by world's end girlfriend
being delivered on YouTube.


Jun SHIRASU received Joana Abranches Pinto Prize from Portuguese embassy

published: Feb 9,2011

praised for his contribution on cultural exchange between Portugal and Japan.


Talk event by Mickalene Thomas at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

published: Feb 8,2011

invited from New York for commemorating ""Mama Bush: One of a Kind Two"" listed to the museum collection.


DAIMARU KOBE and Shin Nemura of GALLERY 301 produced eco-bag

published: Feb 7,2011

as Valentine project
being sold as Valentine project.


Kobe Biennale 2011 announced the winners of the KOUKASHITA ART PROJECT competition

published: Feb 4,2011

The grand prix will be selected from the 13 works,exhibited from April to December.


The 14th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, the winners were anounced

published: Feb 3,2011

Olta's work was selected from 818 works to the grand prix.


TURNER AWARD 2010 announced 27 winning works

published: Feb 4,2011

selected from 1,297 works
the winning works are exhibited in Tokyo
Sendai and Sapporo.


Paramodel appears on TV program "Top Runner" on Saturday, February 5

published: Feb 2,2011

the works are currently displayed at Maison Hermès Window Display in Ginza and Kanazawa College of Art.


Vik Muniz "Waste Land" nNominated for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

published: Feb 1,2011

premiered in Japan last October at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival
the film has already gained a good reputation.


TAKA ISHII GALLERY opens a new space in Roppongi, the opening exhibition by Nobuyoshi ARAKI

published: Jan 28,2011

a new art spot together with Ota Fine Arts and Wako Works of Art.


Akira Tatehata becomes the president of Kyoto City University of Arts

published: Jan 27,2011

known as an art critic
a poet
and the superintendent of The National Museum of Art

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