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Charity sales by twenty artists for the earthquake sufferers, in Kyoto on March 26

published: Mar 25,2011

a number of popular contemporary artists
and each art work will be sold at 10,000 yen.


ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 postponed

published: Mar 24,2011

Tokyo International Forum will be used as a shelter for evacuees affected by the earthquake.


Avant‐garde artist known in Showa-era, Masunobu Yoshimura was died

published: Mar 23,2011

widely known by the activities of ""Neo-dadaism organizer"".


IWAYA station of Hanshin Electric Railway changed to "IWAYA (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)" on March 15

published: Mar 22,2011

aiming at cooperating with the region and revitalizing the local by the art and the culture.


[Annoucement] event cancels and closing due to the earthquake

published: Mar 20,2011

for further details
please check the venue's website or directly contact them.


XYZ collective started [FAXINATION JAPAN] project for the earthquake victims

published: Mar 21,2011

the sales sales of the gathered work are donated to Japan Red Cross.


GEISAI started a movement to encourage the earthquake sufferers by art

published: Mar 19,2011

100 images targetted
following on Twitter and Togetter.


Navigators of "Surréalisme Exhibition" appeareed at Tokyo Dome

published: Mar 18,2011

Lisa and Gaspard co-stared with Giabbit.


A leading art critic in Japan, Yusuke Nakahara was died

published: Mar 17,2011

known as a commissioner of many international art exhibitions and so on.



published: Mar 16,2011

an exhibition held at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
Kanazawa last year.


Photograph school with Masayuki Yoshinaga and Daido Moriyama as lecturers

published: Mar 14,2011

the application for the sixth term student in 2011 started.


Karatsu ceramics by Takashi, Taki and Hanako Nakazato, meets European food culture produced by Frederik Jensen

published: Mar 12,2011

Japanese traditional ceramic art is applied by the sensibility of Northern Europe on a dining table.


"Dance" by Taro Okamoto revived at Takashimaya Osaka Store after 40 years

published: Mar 11,2011

the unveiling ceremony was held on the 1st of March.


Japan inter-design forum (JIDF) held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, on March 13

published: Mar 10,2011

a number of prominent guests are invited for the first meeting with the committee members of 3331 Arts Chiyoda.


Stage art produced by Makoto Azuma for LAFORET HARAJUKU "LAFORET SOUND MUSEUM" on March 17

published: Mar 9,2011

Azuma embodies the sense of beauty and the outlook on the world produced by the musicians.


The 11th "Thank you @RT day" held on March in various parts of the world

published: Mar 8,2011

annual one day event to appreciate and promote the contemporary art.


The 3rd Koji Kinutani Award, the grand prize winner is Toru Kuwakubo

published: Mar 7,2011

the encouragement prize (semi-grand prize) given to Nanako Nishida.


BIWAKO Biennale 2010 symposium held at TENRAIKYU, Shiga on March 20

published: Mar 6,2011

an ideal way of the art production in the 2010's is discussed.


Talk event hosted by a film producer, Tetsujiro Yamagami starts on Saturday, March 19

published: Mar 5,2011

Yamagami talks all about the film industry and production.


Commemorating the 100 years from his birth, the first drama on Taro Okamoto's life started

published: Mar 4,2011

telecasted four times at 9:00PM every week on NHK.


One Piece Club's customary bus tour of contemporary art galleries held on March 5

published: Mar 2,2011

visiting around 48 top contemporary art galleries in Tokyo.

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