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A sculptor, Choryo Sato was died at the age of 98

published: Apr 11,2011

received the high appraisal internationally by the representational sculpture.


Musée d’art Mercian KARUIZAWA in Nagano is closed in November

published: Apr 10,2011

since the opening in 1995
about 870,000 people visited.


Director award of Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2010 fiscal year, was announced

published: Apr 9,2011

six municipalities were selected for the cultural activities.


Tomoko Konoike established "MIMIO Library" for the support of earthquake sufferers

published: Apr 8,2011

the reception desk for the presentation of picture books is at Mizuma Art Gallery.


Yuki Onodera as the art section winner of the 61st Geijutsu Senshou (art recommending)

published: Apr 7,2011

in the exhibition ""Yuki ONODERA: Into the Labyrinth of Photography"" held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.


AOMORI MUSEUM OF ART won JAAM Grand Prize and Encouragement Prize 2010 in exhibityion "Robot and Art"

published: Apr 6,2011

held in the summer of 2010
selected from 129 domestic museums.


Art critic, Akihiko Takami was died at the age of 55

published: Apr 5,2011

known by art comments on Japanese and Asian contemporary art on BIJUTSUTECHO.


Eiko Shimozono's "Kizuna" won the The 36th Kimura Ihei Award

published: Apr 4,2011

in the works in the solo show held in December
2010 in Visual Arts Gallery


Joint exhibition of Shirokane Art Complex ”Shuffle” start today

published: Apr 2,2011

curated by the art historian Yuji Yamashita
shuffle and exhibit artworks throughout the building.


3331 Arts Chiyoda as a platform for Tohoku Earthquake Charity Art Action

published: Apr 1,2011

a number of charity events are held on April 2 and 3.


Rescheduled Dates for ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 from Friday, July 29

published: Mar 31,2011

the invitations and discount ticket for April 1 - 3 can be used for the schedule.


"Satellite fair" again in Japan! Art fair "GYO SHO: The Gallery Circus" start on April 1

published: Mar 30,2011

21 galleries gather to celebrate the new art fair in SPIRAL.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa published definitive edition catalog of museum collection

published: Mar 29,2011

for the fifth anniversary
including 3,500 works by 164 artists collected by March of 2010.


Art critic, Shinichi Segi was died at the age of 80

published: Mar 28,2011

internationally known by researching the art sociology that verifies the art market.


Hiraki Sawa and Aiko Miyanaga received The 22nd Gotoh Memorial Prize

published: Mar 26,2011

providing the grant for overseas training
and a solo exhibition after the return.


Charity sales by twenty artists for the earthquake sufferers, in Kyoto on March 26

published: Mar 25,2011

a number of popular contemporary artists
and each art work will be sold at 10,000 yen.


ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 postponed

published: Mar 24,2011

Tokyo International Forum will be used as a shelter for evacuees affected by the earthquake.


Avant‐garde artist known in Showa-era, Masunobu Yoshimura was died

published: Mar 23,2011

widely known by the activities of ""Neo-dadaism organizer"".


IWAYA station of Hanshin Electric Railway changed to "IWAYA (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)" on March 15

published: Mar 22,2011

aiming at cooperating with the region and revitalizing the local by the art and the culture.


[Annoucement] event cancels and closing due to the earthquake

published: Mar 20,2011

for further details
please check the venue's website or directly contact them.


XYZ collective started [FAXINATION JAPAN] project for the earthquake victims

published: Mar 21,2011

the sales sales of the gathered work are donated to Japan Red Cross.

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