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Sale of photography book samples at AKAAKA, May 7 and 8

published: May 6,2011

selling the sample books in 50% price.


Ryudai Takano's talk event for the publication of a photo collection "KASUBABA", March 7

published: May 4,2011

with an art critic
Minoru Shimizu at AOYAMA BOOK CENTER.


Solar power generation started at Hara Museum ARC

published: May 2,2011

green energy now being used at the museum.


Publication of exhibition ”SHINCHIKA SHINKAICHI”held at KOBE Art Village Center in November, 2010

published: Apr 29,2011

contains the exhibition photos
the highlight of past work and others.


Charity art event "Artists' Action for Japan" crossing the whole country

published: Apr 29,2011

Drawing project by art students
the final venue in Tokyo is WORD SHISEIDO from April 28 to May 1.


Ryosuke Imamura won the fifth shiseido art egg prize

published: Apr 28,2011

selected from each solo exhibition held from January to March at Shiseido Gallery.


The largest antique festival in Japan "The Tokyo Art and Antiques Festival" start tomorrow

published: Apr 27,2011

67 galleries and shops will participate to this event and various events will be held for the four days.


The first ALLOTMENT Travel Award winner, Daisuke Hayata's award report exhibition started

published: Apr 26,2011

exhibit the latest works of ""UBAMATA"" series which were produced in Okushima in where he stayed as the extra prize.


Takashi HOMMA on NHK TV program "DEEP PEOPLE", April 25

published: Apr 25,2011

talks about ""Photographer who takes woman's beauty"" as the theme with Kishin Shinoyama.


The amount of the contribution from "Silent Art Auction in Kiyosumi" record 38 million yen

published: Apr 24,2011

totally 109 artists entered their works in this auction from over the world.


Yukihiro Taguchi, performance from MAMP014 with Genryu shiba taikoren

published: Apr 23,2011

open production of the latest work in progress.


Concerns from over the the world for Ai Weiwei placed in custody

published: Apr 22,2011

a widely known Chinese contemporary artist in the world.


The compensation law approved, for the art works borrowed from foreign countries

published: Apr 19,2011

the government makes amends for a part of damage over five billion yen.


Commemorating the 100 years from his birth, a number of TV programs on Taro Okamoto in April

published: Apr 18,2011

the retrospective exhibition is also held by May 8 at The National Museum of Modern Art


Conversation meeting with Makoto Fujimura, "What can the art do now?" April 19 at The Sato Museum of Art

published: Apr 17,2011

for the East Japan earthquake
those who experienced the ground zero talk together.


Naoki Ishikawa won the 30th Ken Domon Award in "CORONA"

published: Apr 16,2011

the award-winning works Exhibition held from April to September in three places.


’The Merlion Hotel’ by Tatsu Nishino is introduced on TV program on April 17

published: Apr 15,2011

in the new program ’TOKYO AWARD’ of TV TOKYO at 24:35.


The Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Art Sale on 16 and 17 April at Mori Art Museum

published: Apr 14,2011

featuring a total of about twenty works by world widely known twenty artists including Yoko Ono.


A charity auction in aid of the areas affected in the North Eastern Japan earthquake held at Kiyosumi Gallery Complex

published: Apr 13,2011

all proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Japan Platform.


IOSSELLIANI starts an art project in the only direct-management shop in Japan

published: Apr 12,2011

the first series of the project ""IOSSELLIANI T-02-IOS x ART"" is the solo exhibition by Tadaomi Shibuya
starting today.


A sculptor, Choryo Sato was died at the age of 98

published: Apr 11,2011

received the high appraisal internationally by the representational sculpture.

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