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Published: July 11 2009

Tomoki KUROKAWA "Home Run" (2009); 1000 x 1000 mm, acrylic on canvas, courtesy of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND copy right(c) Tomoki KUROKAWA

Martin Mannig "Meckerecke" (2008); 2000 x 2000 mm, Oil and Tempera on canvas, courtesy of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND copy right(c) Martin Mannig

Moe Matsuhashi "Rope Skipping" (2004); 1150 x 900 mm, acrylic and oil on canvas, courtesy of NANZUKA UNDERGROUND copy right(c) Moe Matsuhashi

Tomoki Kurokawa was born in 1975. He is a self-taught painter, who spent many hours going back and forth between the library and the art museum. His work pulls from imagery that most of us regards as garbage. They are drawn with a wittiness that comes from his own decisive moments. His work is has been introduced in Kanye West’s blog, as “a new talent doing big things in Japan”. Martin Mannig is a German painter who studied at the Dresden Art University. He is referred to as the “young hope of Dresden School”. Born in 1974, in Freiberg, he experienced first hand the German Reunification. His work maintains the intensity of the Classics, while skillfully incorporating subculture elements, such as movies, animation, comics, and music. Although Martin’s pictures are drawn with many layers that express the breadth of the human experience, the motif of the work is based on the juvenile mind. Moe Matsuhashi is a new graduate of Tama Art University. Her installations are combinations of images and forms. They are the crystals of the images, which are found in everyday life, or unexpected, fleeting memories. The posture of her work seems to be faithful to the initial creative impulse, akin to a child’s creative activity, and presents a forcible answer to fundamental questions such as, what is art, and why the need to express it. The concern for the innocent creative expression have been advanced by artists such as Paul Klee, Picasso, Miro, Kandenski and Dubuffet, at the beginning of the 20th Century. It is an important subject that helps usher in sublime new art by eliminating a vicious mindset. They examine the expressions of a child, an elderly person, etc, in hopes of gaining insight as to why culture has continued being necessary in civilization. These three artists have groundless apprehensions of the “calculations of a certain type” in regard to the world of contemporary art. They instead seek their own sanctuaries. Although “calculations of a certain type” can also be stated as, “Making a concept to prove originality.” These artists know the demerit of that.

[Art is a trial to build a peasant form.] by Herbert Read.

* The text provided by NANZUKA UNDERGROUND.

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