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Satoshi UCHIUMI: About colors
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Published: July 10 2009

View from solo-echibition "Satoshi UCHIUMI : The unrestricted field of view”, courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Satoshi UCHIUMI

Solo exhibition of Satoshi Uchiumi (b. 1977), who has a lot of exhibition experiences with museums and galleries, and is also known by the marvelous 870 painting series "3,000 worlds" the last year. The huge painting "Under the colors" placed to surround the cirque of the Spiral Garden is combined with the "The unrestricted point of view" series that takes a gradation in other exhibition space.

Last Updated on June 30 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

The series of works with the same title exhibited in the solo exhibition "The unrestricted field of view” in Roentgenwerke AG (2009) and the huge painting 3.8m in height and 17m wide entitled “Under the colors” (2004) are exhibited in this exhibition of Uchiumi who has been an outstandingly active artist in recent years. Though both works are ones already announced before, the “Under the colors “seen in the cirque (atrium) where natural light is widely available was impressive, as if the colors fell from heaven. Of course, the expression changes with time and the weather. If you would like to see his new works, you also have a chance in GALERIE ANDO until the 25th July, and also the "Voyager/Voyager" in eN arts in Kyoto from the 1st to 30th of August this summer.

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