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Shuji Yamamoto:Forest of Seedling
Published: November 08 2012


island MEDIUM is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Shuji Yamamoto " Forest of Seedling / Misho no mori ". Looking forward to seeing you at the venue.

Seedling(Misho): Young plant that has just grown from seed

Forest creates a landscape. Trees make forest. I wonder how trees stand there.
Under the trees in the forest, you find grown seedlings appropriate for the environment.
The fact that the seed grows means the natural environment (such as, light, temperature, water and soil)met the condition necessary for the seed to grow.
The seed doesn’t grow bigger if the environment doesn’t meet the condition.
In the battle of survival, most of the seedlings are eliminated by natural selection and they disappear eventually.
However, though they are destined to disappear, there is the raison d\'etre: they play a certain role in the circulating system in the forest.
Seedlings actively work in an invisible way: they prepare for the next generation, prevent fallen leaves and branches from leaving, and become soil to be a nutrient element.
Trees that make forest are grown from seedling, most of which are eliminated by natural selection, and the life of trees began from tiny little seedlings.

Shuji Yamamoto

Born in Tokyo, 1979. Currently lives in Tokyo.
2005 BFA, Tama Art University
2005- Started to exhibit his works in showcases such as galleries
Started his career as a gardener while in school.
Studied the ecology of plants.
Went in the forest.

Opening Reception: November 24 18:00

2012.12.15 sat 12:00~ 酒の会 The banquet
場所:island MEDIUM
※詳細はwebにてお知らせいたします。For additional information,please visit our website

全文提供:island MEDIUM
November 24, 2012 To December 16, 2012
時間:12:00 - 19:00
休日:Closed onMonday and Tuesday
会場:island MEDIUM
Last Updated on November 24 2012

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