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Published: August 20 2012

佐藤好彦 SCHEMAのためのサンプルイメージ

2002年キリン・アート・アワード受賞した「Present Arms」以来、楽器、エフェクター、オーディオ・スピーカー、モーターサイクルといった 量産された製品をモチーフに作品化することで知られる佐藤好彦。時に増幅させ、時に解体することで、経済成長を支えた工業製品がもつフォルムの美しさを佐藤独自の感性で蘇らせ、新たな命を吹き込む。  


Preface to the exhibition "SCHEMA"

Yoshihiko SATOH is known for his unique sculptures of redesigned certain products, such as motor cycle, audio speaker, musical instrument and its effecter, since his 12 neck guitar "Present Arms" won the 2002 Kirin Art Award.
His expression is based on amplification and dismantlement of the mass produced goods, thus seems an exaggeration of economic growth along industrialism in the late 20th century, whilst brings a sort of pathos in such retrospect behind that beautiful designs.

The title of this exhibition SCHEMA basically means a plan, diagram, or scheme, is a term used in many disciplines to describe an organized pattern that assists to explain or mediate its structure or form.

In this exhibition, SATOH lays out a schema of the universe on the two-dimensional image, that forms a electric control unit derived from an air plane's cockpit, that projects our surroundings and the environmental issues confronting us, for instance, energy problems, economic values, etc...

The beautiful design of its interface, instrument panel and switches evoke a mandala*, besides its functional aspect associated with that of our urban space.
Thus yields a fractal image of the world as if that interacts with reality, whilst a suggestion for revising ourselves.

* mandala - the sacred art painting in Buddhism and Hindu, forms a diagram depicting the universe.

☆Opening Reception: Fri. 7th September, 2012, 19:00-

全文提供:Roentgenwerke AG
会期: Fri. 7th - Sat. 29th September, 2012
休日:Closed on Sunday, Monday, National holidays
会場:Roentgenwerke AG
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