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Moeglichkeit II
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Published: May 15 2009

Mario TAUCHI (2007), ink on wall, Courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Mario TAUCHI

Akiko & Masako TAKADA "Jigsaw puzzle" (2008); Used envelope with stamps, 16.1 x 10.3 cm Courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Akiko & Masako TAKADA

The selected group exhibition entitled "Moeglichkeit II" introduces the artworks by Kaori KODAMA, Akiko & Masako TAKADA, Mario TAUCHI, Haruo MITSUTA, and Marie YOSHIKI. Roentgenwerke includes its desire "to entrust them with a mission as a van to open an air hole to the art world that keeps being blockaded" to this exhibition. A reception for the artists will be held on Friday, 3rd of July from 18:00 onwards.

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