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Kaori KODAMA:Lines on Graph Paper
Published: June 20 2012


Kaori KODAMA has been presenting the serial drawings titled "Lines on Graph Paper". As the title of which, her works are literally comprised of lines on graph paper drawn by pen, depicting foods yet have no color nor emotion. Normally, the shows involve minimal installation consisting of some or numerous pieces of drawings occupying the wall.

Her debut was the group exhibition "Moeglichkeit" (a German term means possibility) at Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG in 2009, showed numbers of drawings, brought a huge impact, that made the occasion for the next show at Hong Kong International Art Fair 2010 (ART HK10). At ART HK10, she presented a set of 64 pieces of drawings depicting Chinese foods on the graph paper sheets all in B5 size with the identical black frames, evokes Hanne Darboven's installation, that attracted much attentions and was acquired by Takahashi Collection.

These drawings are reproduced from the pictures in food magazines or books, with extreme precision, could be recognized as computer graphics, yet are truly hand drawing without the preliminary sketches nor hesitation. Thus seems the eliminating of the gorgeousness, turned out to be the exposing of her intensive desire for the abstraction projected in the accuracy. Such ambivalence makes unique composition comprised of the entwined lines, resemble to the mysterious creatures in the paintings by Bosch or Bruegel.

In recent years, she has shifted the scale from the sets of B5 sheets to the larger pictures, to make more variations in the composition, that seems having an aim to establish her drawings. Namely, is the simple continuation of her style or desire, yet is a certain reinforcement of the works.

☆Opening Reception: Wed. 4th July, 2012, 19:00-

全文提供:Roentgenwerke AG
会期:Wed. 4th - Sat. 28th July, 2012
休日:Closed on Sunday, Monday and National Holidays
会場:Roentgenwerke AG
Last Updated on July 04 2012

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