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Yoko Kawamoto:for the present
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Published: April 23 2009

copy right(c) Yoko KAWAMOTO

This will be the first exhibition in a domestic commercial gallery for Kawamoto and it will consist about 20 oil paintings which Kawamoto has been working over the past three years. Kawamoto begins to paint and acquire knowledge through self-education since late 1990s. In 1999, she won "the choice grand-prix" of an illustration magazine. Afterward, she continued exhibitions [Ordinary Day] (Rocket, Tokyo) in 1999 and [Drifter] (ATM gallery, NY) in 2007, in an honest way. The works of Kawamoto, which painted carefully one by one to present her point of view in everyday life of the world, gives fresh surprise to the viewer what is regarded as wonderful. Or its simple view, which does not depend on the logic or technology, may touch sympathy of people. At this exhibition, we will exhibit the series of scenery paintings, which was cut off with unique viewpoint that can be seen any suburbs in Japan, such as scrap, industrial materials, a car thrown away in the mountains, and factory or harbor where nobody exist. Although, Kawamoto call these motifs as 「the overlooked scenery」, these may actually symbolizes "another face" of Japan where repeatedly scrap and build to become new image of civilization city. Kawamoto describe her point of view as follows.

An object, which someone threw away on his own, someone placed or left unconsciously, or an object that has no idea of been watched by people. These attract and interests me.

* The text was provided by NANZUKA UNDERGROUND.


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