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Published: April 25 2009

© Ryozo TSUMAKI / Courtesy of Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG ”Undulation on the Border between Two Worlds IX" (2009); pencil on paper, 43.5cm

After completing his Masters of Arts program at Musashino Art University, Ryozo Tsumaki (b. 1974) has been energetically presenting his artwork, besides being a monk of Shin Buddhism. At the group exhibition "Labyrinth II" (2007, Meguro Art Museum, Tokyo), which featured various artists who have chosen pencils as the material, Tsumaki's works stood out because of the unique style. He also successfully exhibited at Musashino Art University, the school he graduated from. This time, he titled the exhibition "KYOKEI" (literally means "scene of border"), and will present 9 new works including circle shaped ones, which will be the first attempt of the artist.

About "KYOKEI"
I stare and gaze at the other world through a film, trying to capture the substance of the film by drawing it as a round-shaped window.

What I am trying to express at this upcoming exhibition, is to capture and visualize the two borders - transforming pleat of the border which appears in the space when the two worlds crash each other, as well as a border as a window which is between these two worlds and myself.
-Ryozo Tsumaki


* The text was provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

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