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Published: March 24 2009

"Schizo" (2009); stainless steel, transparent thread, Size : 67.1x42.2x0.15cm copy right(c) Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI / Courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG

Born in 1966, Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI who completed MA at Goldsmith's College in 2001, has been based in London and doing installation works using video, photograph, sound, mirror and spectrum as the means. In recent years, SAWAYANAGI has been presenting the works with punched metals which silhouettes human figures depending on viewer's distance from the works and the angle. The theme of the exhibition this time,"FISSION AND FUSION", has both materialistic and spiritual meanings. In SAWAYANAGI's new works, the two apparently conflicting notions are described obscurely not only in the territorial meaning but also in the beginning and the end, reflecting that the existence of us today is repeating fission and fusion, in the internal and external relationship. At this first solo exhibition with us, five new works including two largest works ever made will be on view. A reception for the artist will be held on 8 of May, 18:00 onwards. * The text was provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

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