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Hideto NAGATSUKA:Purified Landscape
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Published: February 20 2009

”THVC" (2009), Material: Type C Print copy right(c) Hideto NAGATSUKA / Courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG

Hideto NAGATSUKA (b.1969) is known for the photographs of unreal landscapes in subtle yet highly controlled depth of field. Due to the most of their motives are landscape, the viewers attend to seek the informations of the places where they were taken and the method how they were made. However, from Nagatuka's point of view, it is sufficient to aware if the viewers recognize them as simply landscapes. Despite the media itself has a journalistic aspect, it provides the illusion as it seems diorama in the deliberately controlled subject, and liberate the attitude from realism, that indicates the information of the subject is no longer important.Please expect the new Landscape will be unveiled. A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, 3th of April. Everyone is welcome. * The text was provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

Last Updated on April 03 2009

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