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Kaori KODAMA / Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI Exhibition
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Published: August 02 2011

"Terror of Spontaneous Human Combustion"
2009, stainless, gut
119.5 × 114.5 × 0.15 cm (Shadow: 138 × 170 cm)
Courtesy of the artist and Roentgenwerke AG
Copyright© Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI

Kaori KODAMA (born in 1986) graduated from Onomichi University in 2009. Being represented at Roentgenwerke AG and collected by Takahashi Colletion, Kaori KODAMA receives more and more popularity even from overseas.

With calm inspect, Kaori KODAMA outlines the contours of food and dishes, extracting them by delicate lines on graph paper. If the gaze follows the flow of countless lines, gradually, the shape of food such as pasta, shrimp, spinach will become more and more vivid in sight. In such "food", taste, texture, or nutrition do not exist at all. However, the existence of those "food" is firmly proved by every single line illustrated in Kaori KODAMA's works.

Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI (born in 1966) finished his master degree at Goldsmith College in England, year 2001, and has announced various kinds of mixed media installations ranging from video, photograph, stereo, mirror, to afterimage, mainly in London.

In this exhibition, Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI's metal plate works will be showed. It might be hard to capture a concrete image while looking at numerous drilled holes, but in fact, through the light, the shadows consisting of dots generate pictures that come in and out of sight. With light and shadow, moreover, views from different angles, the deconstructed images are reconstructed. In contrast to Kaori KODAMA's works, contours of images in Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI's works are blurry, and frequently alter according to the volume and angle of light, conveying the uncertain of existence.

Though Kaori KODAMA and Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI adopt different ways to represent the shape of objects, there is a similarity between them, the grid. Kaori KODAMA depicts lines on graph paper that is printed with grid lines; Hideyuki SAWAYANAGI accurately scatters the drilled holes and they naturally form a grid. Based on the idea, "grid", this exhibition displays two different viewpoints regarding shape uniquely in the same space.

* The text provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

Period: Friday, September 9 - Saturday, October 1, 2011
Venue: Roentgenwerke AG
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 2011, 19:00 -

Last Updated on September 09 2011

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