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Kami-Robo exhibition to mark the latest publication by the renowned artist Tomohiro Yasui
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Published: July 23 2011

Courtesy of the artist and @btf
Copyright© Tomohiro Yasui

A special exhibition will be held to mark the unveiling of Tomohiro Yasui’s latest Kami-Robo publication, which features paper- craft fighters.

Yasui has steadily built an international following for his highly unique Kami-Robo fighters, which were most recently exhibited at the Chopo Museum in Mexico, from Dec. 2010 thru Mar. 2011.

His first Kami-Robo craft book, titled "Easy and Fun Paper Craft: Kami-Robo--Make and Play," is to be published by Socym Co. It will be in bookstores, selling for 1995 yen, nationwide from mid August.

To commemorate the publication, @btf will hold a Kami-Robo exhibition from Aug. 2-28, featuring every Kami-Robo figure that Yasui has ever made, including newly created ones for this book. On Aug. 28, Yasui will conduct workshops, helping participants make their own original figures with paper and wire. The two workshops are open to 15 people each. Elementary-school-aged children and younger children should be accompanied by an adult.

Tomohiro Yasui:
Kami-Robo artist, plastic figure creator As an established and well-known creator of collectable plastic figures, Yasui continues to privately create his own original paper robots, known as Kami-Robo, which was a childhood hobby dating back 31 years. Since introducing them to the public in 2004, Kami-Robo have been exhibited at a number of domestic and international galleries and museums, as well as featured in art textbooks, helping him gain further recognition at home and abroad. http://www.kami-robo.com/

* The text provided by @btf.

Period: Tuesday, August 2 - Sunday, August 28, 2011 *Summer closing: August 15 - 19
Venue: @btf 3A

Last Updated on August 02 2011

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