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Musée d’art Mercian KARUIZAWA
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Published: July 23 2011

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Opened by the brewing maker, Mercian Corporation in commemoration of its 60th anniversary last year. This barrel storehouse of a whisky distillation specialist where whisky had been produced for 60 years was renovated into a museum, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte who is known for his work in the reconstruction of Le Grand Louvre.

Under the concept “a museum park where the art can be united with nature and food”, the Musée d’Art Mercian Karuizawa has, since its opening, aimed at contributing to the promotion and the development of culture and education in its surrounding communities. In its biannual special exhibition, European modern art works are chiefly exhibited.

There are various facilities such as its museum shop selling goods and books related to overseas art. There is also the “Mercian Plaz”" offering samples of wine and whisky, a whisky distillation place, a restaurant and a cafe. This is a place that one can be enjoyed all day in this summer resort area.

Address: 1799-1 Maseguchi, Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano
Phone: +81-(0)267-32-0288
Open: 9:30 - 17:00 (admission - 16:30), closed on Tuesday except August
Website: http://www.mercian.co.jp/musee/ (Japanese)

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