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Keita SAGAKI: Birthday
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Published: October 28 2008

Keita Sagaki "Birthday (detail)" 2007 Pen and acrylic on board H1620xW1620mm, copyright © 2008 CASHI

Sakagi’s works, made an impression on many people by winning Shell Art Awards Exhibition 2007, are stuffed with astonishing amount of information on the board painted in pure white and on the painting surface of Kent paper using a fine felt-tipped pen. His elaborated designs are friendly, just like cartoons and they are sometimes grotesque and sometimes full of such as elements of the joke, which provoke laughter. So every time you see them, you can find something new. If you take your eyes off the works and then look at the whole painting surface composed of them, you will be surprised at the gap that the painting surface looks like famous paintings of the great painters in history or beautiful symmetry image. We might say that they are works appropriate to be regarded as a synonym for “overwhelming”.

Although he is a mere 24-year-old young artist, he can’t help attracting many people with his unique technique. Please do not miss the exhibition, the first formal solo exhibition for the promising artist Keita Sagaki. The artist will also come to the gallery for the reception on November 7th, the first day.

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