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Kenji Kitagawa: New Works + Collection
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Published: October 07 2008

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About one and a half years from publication of the copperplate picture collection "Element - Apollonius's circle, who escapes from corridor". The new collection by Kenji Kitagawa was published which shows a newly creatited world by copperplate pictures. It is entitled "Mirror Poetics - A Portrait of John Fleming Tacked Down" and in addition to the hard image where any emotions were excluded, a sense of "freshness" is added, which make us feel touchable with the object. The collection is composed by 8 works and provides us one original world which impressively poetic. In this solo exhibition, some of his initial copperplate pictures and art objects are also selected from the gallery collections to show. Copperplate picture collection "Mirror Poetics - A Portrait of John Fleming Tacked Down"
containing 8 copperplate pictures, with text and array tattoo
Price: 190,000 yen (a special price during the session)
*An original work with his signature would be given to the people who made a reservation.
A feauture article on "Hanga Geijutsu" vol.141, p130-131. *All text provided by Shinobazu Gallery.

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