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Published: October 02 2008

Tree keeepers (2008), dermatograph on paper panel, 130.3×80.3cm, copyright © 2008 Taimei Gallery

The advanced, exquisite touch and imaginative power invite us to the world like the allegory in the middle Ages. The work with the ballpoint provides the contrast of peculiar light and the shadow, which Kitagawa began to depict from the childhood. Moreover, the depth and the merging feeling of quality join the campus in the work of dermatograph, which has a solidity to draw us to the further gross darkness of the world of the canvas.

We would be astonished that it is only her imagination to create the detailed description. The handling art gallery says that the production speed is preeminent. The high capability supported by the imagination to the theme, the will to produce, physical strength, and well-trained technique proves that she will be single-mindedly an artist just about to be spotlighted.

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