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Youki HIRAKAWA: Slight signs of something
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Published: March 25 2011

Courtesy of the artist and STANDING PINE - cube
Copyright© Youki Hirakawa

Youki Hirakawa's work is based on the spatial relationships between his works, the place and the space. Between the sight specific and non-sight specific, he creates a type of modern narrative. He has actively involved in shows and competitions, resulted in winning the first prize of 2010 CINESONIKA film festival in Canada. He recently exhibited at the competition of Aichi Triennale and also participated in Raster-Noton Japan Tour 2010.

Artist statemet
I search for modern narratives through two vectors which aim different directions. One is a stratums-like, multilayered narratives that I try to visualize based on genius loci. The story inseparably lays itself on the land.
The other is a fragmentary narrative that drifts in the air of urban, where the land loses its distinctive “sense of place”. Losing its specific time and space, thus, missing the central axis, the fragmentary story only can exist floating as a “slight sign of something”. The narratives are hanging in the midair of cities.
The stories of two kinds, that lies down on the land and drifts in the air… the two exist around us, never being tied firmly together.
This exhibition is mainly composed of narrative images that are “hanging in the urban midair”.

1983 Born in Nagoya,JAPAN
2008 M.A. Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

2006 Personal exhibition"A Mirror in a Mirror " ( Shumokukan,Nagoya,JAPAN)
2007 KOBE BIENNALE,Nominated Art in Container Competition
2009 12th Japan Media Art Festival 2008 (The National Art Center ,Tokyo,JAPAN)
Day Dream (Aichi Arts Center,Nagoya,JAPAN)
Unlinked Images (Gallery Standing Pine-cube, Nagoya,JAPAN)
Electrofringe 09 (Newcastle/AUSTRALIA)
2010 AICHI TRIENNALE Planning Competition, "The Nakagawa Canal"-the forgotten waterside scenery in the city- (Aichi Arts Center,Nagoya,JAPAN), CINESONIKA,Best Sonic Cinema(Golden Earwax)

2008 12th Japan Media Art Festival Recomended Works of Art Division "Resight"
2010 CINESONIKA 2010(CANADA) Grand Prize "pulse"

* The text provided by STANDING PINE - cube.

Period: March 26 - April 24, 2011
Venue: STANDING PINE - cube
Opening party: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 18:00 -

Last Updated on March 26 2011

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