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Mitsuhiro OKAMOTO: BATTA MON returns
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Published: November 04 2010

Courtesy of Contemporary Art and Spirits(CAS)

"BATTA MON" that became a topic at the people appears again.

Okamoto is repulsed to a recent art scene that always aims at a useless, harmless effect. And, he uses the art as a tool of a social criticism. And, the criticism is added to the art. He complains about the objection to existing sense of values. It to be laughter and is rousing of feelings of fear, and it is various descriptions of the desire, the quotations in the culture, and problems etc. of the plagiarism.

Artist Talk
Sat. 27 Nov. 18:00~(500JPY, only 20 persons)
OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro(artist),KUDO Takeshi(curator),SASAOKA Takashi(artist)

* The text provided by Contemporary Art and Spirits(CAS).

Opened dates: November 6 - 27, 2010, 13:00 - 19:00, closed on Wed. and Thu.
Opening reception: Sat. 6 Nov. 18:00 - (500JPY with one drink)

Last Updated on November 06 2010

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