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Published: August 30 2010

View from solo-echibition "Satoshi UCHIUMI : The unrestricted field of view”, courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG, copy right(c) Satoshi UCHIUMI

Born in 1977 in Ibaragi, selected as the 6th Shiseido ADSP and the 18th Holbein scholarship in 2003. Completed the master course of Tama University of Arts graduate school, art research course.

Uchiumi has many exhibition experiences with museums and galleries, and attracted wide attention by the marvelous 1,012 painting series "3,000 worlds" in 2006, and the works announced at a group exhibition held in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) in 2008. The outstanding and carefully constructed spatial representation receives high acclaim. He is an indispensable artist in the abstraction painting field today. Represented by Roentgenwerke AG.

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