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Published: August 17 2010

Kumi Machida 'Guest' 2006, sumi (blue), sumi (brown), mineral pigments, pigments on kumohada linen paper, 89.3×44.7cm, owned by Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama. Image referred from "Kumi Machida - Lines talking over words" (Takasaki Tower Museum of Art, 2008), copyright © 2008 Takasaki Tower Museum of Art

Born in Takasaki, Gunma in 1970, graduated from Tama University of Arts, majored in Japanese style painting. She won the grand-prix at Maebashi Art Live Cometition '99 in 999, The 4th Jomo Art Award in 2007, and The Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2007. She stayed in Denmark as an overseas art trainee of Agency for Cultural Affair.

Machida has kept presenting what should be of a new painting while using the technique and the material of a traditional Japanese style painting, is an artist who pulls the domestic young artists. Blongs to NISHIMURA GALLERY.

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