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Bloom Gallery
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Published: July 12 2010

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Opened beside the Yodogawa in Shin-Kitano, Osaka, as a successor of the "Big Stone Gallery”, The Bloom Gallery focuses on photographic exhibitions. The “bloom”in the title here refers to flowers (chiefly garden flower plants, such as roses). Roses bloom at the gallery in spring, and the gallery provides a openhearted space enclosed by plants.

Moreover, this “bloom” also means "flowering". The Bloom Gallery works hard as a place where the artist creates an exhibition through freewheeling thinking about the project brought in. The gallery also values communications with the artists and aims at becoming a gallery providing support from the work production level to the final exhibition stage. It is said that flowers keep blooming for longer periods and stay beautiful as long as they are given a lot of care. It is worth to go here to admire the works of this "flowering" without missing any of its seasons.

In the annex, The Bloom Gallery has a studio and a darkroom which is available for rent to the general public. They also have communications programmes on photography, such as workshops for beginners, mat production, and portfolio production, as well as related events and talk shows on the various exhibitions.

Among the represented artists are Tatsuo Iizuka, Kunihiko Katsumata, Terumasa Kawasaki, Jun Shiraoka, Satoshi Takeda, Mitsuko Nagone, Kanako Nishigaki, Keigo Nishikiori and Eri Makita.

Address: B103, Heim Kitano, 1-11-23, Shin-Kitano, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Telephone: +81-(0)6-7171-9849
Open: Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday(by appointment only), Thursday and Friday(13:00-20:00), Saturday and Sunday(11:00-18:00)
Website: http://www.bloomgallery103.com

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