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Published: May 19 2010

Courtesy of the artist and NANZUKA UNDERGROUND

MUSTONE was born in Tokushima in 1976 and graduated from Tama Art University. Since then, he has oriented his creations along two directions, one by publishing his original comic books such as “Can Grow In The Dark” and “Nekoman”, and another by expressing himself through activities with the street art scene. At the same time, he has taken part in various projects, such as unique live paintings mixing digital and analog effects (Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan).

One year after his last solo exhibition, we are displaying a series of surface plane artworks using a spray on canvas technique. After having primarily used oil chalk as his main medium for the last 5 years, and silicone resin for his last exhibition a year ago, he now experiments with a different technique. It is not surprising to observe such changes on behalf of MUSTONE since he is endowed with a vigorous challenging spirit, which constantly aims to evolve. This is the expression of his strong desire to downright emancipate himself from the pattern of the traditional artist whose technique is based on repetition and attainment.

In addition, there is a particular aspect of his recent work to point out, that of the resurfacing tendency to utilize some of his original street artist forms. This he is doing with the intention of conquering new formal expressions and going beyond the academism here in the street spray painting scene. In his new artistic creations, he has a new way of using dotting derived from the technique of silicone resin exhibited last year, and in the same time he makes free use of the dripping effect which is one of the spray medium characteristics. Paying attention to his artwork thusly, we figure out his evolutionary process and experience the results.

The series of works we are currently presenting have been depicted as “Portraits of Yokai (Japanese specter)”, figuring ‘things’ from a parallel world MUSTONE envisioned. These portraits are based on MUSTONE’s own special encounters and experiences.

This exhibition will be held successively in two places. The first part of this exhibition, “YOKAI-TEN I”, will take place at NANZUKA AGENDA (Shibuya), as a special opening exhibition. NANZUKA AGENDA has been recently established with the purpose of introducing highly alternative projects and to explore yet unknown possibilities of art. Later, we will present the same works of art as a whole during the second part of the exhibition, “YOKAI-TEN Ⅱ”, at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND (Shirokane).

* The text provided by NANZUKA UNDERGROUND.

Opened dates: July 3 - July 17, 2010

Last Updated on July 03 2010

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