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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: November 17 2008

© Ai Chuda, Photo by Rika Okubo

Born on January 6, 1981, Osaka. Entered Department of Aesthetics and Art Theory, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University in April 1999. She aspired to be a painter, inspired by a painting by the oil painter,  Yasuo Kagawa (1911 - 1974) which she saw while at university. She dropped out of the university in September 2000 and entered in Japanese Painting Course, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design, in April 2001. She proceeded to  graduate school,  stayed  in Italy for a while,  and finished her Major in Art and Design, Master's Course, Graduate School of Kyoto University of Art and Design, in March 2007. Currently she is a part-time instructor for Kyoto University of Art and Design.

She learned Japanese painting at university and graduate school, but she uses other methods apart from Japanese painting techniques, such as using a support to paint porcelain clay on a hemp cloth, and painting with Japanese ink, mineral pigment, charcoal, animal bone charcoal, and  soil. She likes to work outdoors, not indoors. She sometimes pastes papers on the support, burns the canvas with a burner, and then washes it away or shaves it. She uses other techniques as well as these. She used to draw portraits, mostly of old people, not young people. Her first drawing after entering university was "a back view of  dead peony, hanging lotus fruit, dead sunflower", which clearly shows her interest is in the state of the living being, not only human, spent a certain degree of years. Sometimes it is thin-haired, wrinkled old people, sometimes it is pale-colored flowers as if the past glow seems to be imaginary. Her essence is solid affirmation of transient variables, not constants. Her artwork also does not hesitate to change, and in view of this, her methods make sense.

In July 2008, her friend's grandfather who had modeled for her for four years and with whom she had a deep relationship passed away. Her thirteen-series, "others inside of me" released at her solo-exhibition at neutron in October 2008, was created using him as a model. An old man who ambiguously disappeared as well as stood up engaged the viewers tremendously. She achieved the embodiment of her recent period of trial and error. Her future development is highly anticipated.

       -  Group Exhibition "Four Artists for Japanese Painting, Ceramic Art, Sculpture",
          Art Space in FABLE TABLE, Kyoto Royal Hotel
       -  Group Exhibition "Two Artists for Japanese Painting, Ceramic Art", Gallery Maronie, Kyoto
       -  Participated to "Graduation Creation Exhibition Prize for Emcouragement",
          Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto
       -  Group Exhibition "X' hibition #3", GALLERY RAKU, Kyoto
       -  Group Exhibition"International Art Exhibition Korea, Hongik University, South Korea
       -  Solo-Exhibition, GALLERY KAZE, Osaka
       -  Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto procured her artwork, "At Sleep full of dreams"   
       -  Dean Prize atr Master Creation Exhibition, Gallerie Aube in Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto
       -  Selected for International Public Participation India-ink Drawing Triennial Toyama 2007   
       -  Group Exhibition    Stars emerging from chaos    Spiral Garden, Tokyo
       -  SHINSEI Prize for The 11th Public Participation SHINSEI Exhibition    
       -  Group Exhibition "Gashin Exhibition", Kyoto Prefectural center for Arts & Culture, Ginza Yokyo Hall
       -  Group Exhibition "Compass Selection Six Various Japanese Painters", Art Space Compass, Tokyo
       -  Solo-Exhibition, Gallery Buburindo, Kobe
       -  Group Exhibition "lines/ words to lie thick Ai Chuda + Toshiya Takahashi"
          Gallery Jack and the Beanstalk, Kamakura
       -  Solo-Exhibition    Others inside of me    gallery neutron, Kyoto
   (May) Group Exhibition "Gasoline", gallery wks., Osaka
   (Jul)  Solo-Exhibition, Gallery Buburindo, Kobe
   (Nov) Participated to Gashin-ten, Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo
   (Dec) Group Exhibition "It's a small world, gallery neutron, Kyoto
   (Dec) Kyoto Nihon-ga Shin Ten, Excellent Prize
   (Jan) Participated to "Kyoto Nihon-ga Shin Ten", Museum EKI Kyoto

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