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Plants of remembrance_0-21 Fukuma
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: January 15 2010

Photo by Shunsuke SHIINOKI, courtesy of AMKK copy right(c)

Photo by Shunsuke SHIINOKI, courtesy of AMKK copy right(c)
 copy right(c)

Two years after the exhibition in AMPG, this was a work announced in the fourth stage of "AMPG vol. 25, The 4th Stage" held in Mitsubishi-Jisho ARTIUM in Fukuoka, the artist’s hometown. Pine and bamboo shoots collected in nearby Fukuma-machi were used, and images of their collection were shown in the hall. Drawings by Azuma were spread on the floor face around the work, and soil was scattered on them, something not so common in general galleries. It might be more accurate to describe "Plants of remembrance_0-21 Fukuma" as including all these elements.

It is quite a work to knock down a pine sidewise, and put up of the bamboo shoot beside the pine vertically. The bamboo drooped due to a lack of watering by the final stage of the exhibition, though it towered above us heartily at the beginning of the session. The pine brought in from local pine woods and the crumbling bamboo shoots died and had strength only because of the nature in comparison to artistic productions that are made by an artificial material. It is not a transient, nostalgic memories to be involved in the "Plant of the memory". It is just the roots of overwhelming energy where the future is pierced and moved.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2009
Genre: Installation
Owner: -
Material: Pine and bamboo shoot
Size: 2,000×500×2,200mm
Note: View from "AMPG vol. 25, The 4th Stage" at Mitsubishi-Jisho ARTIUM, May 4 - 24, 2009, photo by Shunsuke SHIINOKI, courtesy of AMKK
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