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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: October 05 2009

 copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE

The VOCA is a group exhibition that presents planar works made by artists who are forty years old or younger on the recommendation of art experts throughout the country. Mise’s “J” was the winner of the “VOCA Award 2009”, which is the grand prize in the VOCA Exhibition 2009. Compared with his other recent works, which were created using ink as their basic material, the ”J” reminds me of his past paintings in that it was created by making a bold collage and using verdigris in its layout, and using motifs such as a UFO, a Loch Ness monster, a five-storied pagoda, and a giant statue of Buddha. Indeed, the “J”, which is a picture of a giant, has been found in his paintings since “Strange Scenery” (2003-), but it emerged at the center stage of his paintings for the first time in the creations which were presented at the solo exhibition entitled “J” (Imura Art Gallery, 2008). At that time, two types of works, namely, folding screen and landscape-oriented paintings were shown.

The giant’s figure was created based on that of Emperor Jinmu, who is considered as Japan’s first Emperor. Nevertheless, as Mise has given a vague explanation about the real identity of the giant, it seems it does not represent only the Emperor Jinmu. In contrast to the obscurity of its title - the “J” - the work itself has a solid presence, and the “J”, which seems to be coming out of the surface of the picture from the back left of the chaotic work, evokes for us a destroyer and also a creator.

Artist: Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2008
Genre: Painting
Owner: The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company
Material: Japanese paper/ink/chalk/metallic powder/gold leaf/dye/acrylic paint
Size: 250.0×400.0cm
Note: Winner of the VOCA Award, “The Vision of Contemporary Art: VOCA Exhibition 2009 - Modern Art Artists of Planar Creations-” (The Ueno Royal Museum, 15/Mar/2009-30/Mar/2009) Courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE
Image: copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE
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