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The Prince - II Pincipe -
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: October 02 2009

 copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE

This work was presented for the first time at the Gallery Neutron, Kyoto, though it was created during the “ARKO 2007”, an artist-in-residence program run by the Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki.

“The Prince - II Pincipe -” gave me a shocking impression. Volcanic smoke, flashlights, temples and Italian ‘Duomos’ are depicted on such a scale that they cover almost an entire wall of the gallery. Also, there is a mountain laughing with its mouth wide open, a tomb on which the Chinese character, “夏(summer)” is written, and a moon floating in the night sky. This work allows us to have only two alternative ways to enjoy it, namely keeping some distance from the work to capture its whole image, or getting into its micro-world with a shortsighted perspective, since it is difficult for us to keep our point of view fixed on only one place due to the composition technique, in which Mise has created a lot of different parts and connected them to construct one picture plane. Nonetheless, this work, which makes us feel as if everything drawn in it is exploding without any sound, gives us an extremely clear impression rather than a somber image, and makes us feel that there are a huge number of things depicted throughout the picture. It can be said that “The Prince - II Pincipe -”, which was presented after “Ruining Japanese-style Painting” and “Regeneration of Japanese-style Painting”, shows us what Mise accomplished at that time he created it.
(Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Artist: Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2007
Genre: Painting
Owner: Ohara Museum of Art
Material: Japanese paper/ink/chalk/dye/courage made by using found items, such as feathers and advertisements
Size: 245.0cm×737.0cm
Exhibition history: “The Prince” (Gallery Neutron, 01/Oct/2007-14/Oct/2007), “ARKO 2007 Natsunosuke Mise” (Ohara Museum of Art, 20/Oct/2007-02/Dec/2007)
Note: Photo by Nobutada OMOTE Courtesy of Ohara Museum of Art and the artist
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