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My God
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: October 01 2009

 copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE

This work was created together with “The Prince - II Pincipe -” during the“ARKO 2007”, an artist-in-residence program run by the Ohara Museum of Art. Mise made this painting after the completion of “The Prince - II Pincipe -”. Unlike “The Prince - II Pincipe -”, in which he depicted most of the motifs squarely, a bird’s-eye composition was used in the “My God”. In this work, linear images, including those of flashlights and a number of buildings depicted in the background of the work, seem to give us a sense of unity, while we also find many round-shaped things, such as balloons, airships and volcanic smoke drawn in it. Nevertheless, at the bottom of the picture, pots of various sizes are depicted unexpectedly, which makes it difficult for the viewer to understand the viewpoint.

As has been seen before with works such as “Strange Scenery” and “Paintings in Japan”, Mise often gives the same title to different works. And, in fact, there is more than one work entitled “My God”. Another “My God”, which was created in an oval shape, was presented at the solo exhibition named “My God” (Gallery Neutron, 2008) for the first time and after that it was also shown at the “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter” (The Sato Museum of Art, 2008). Therefore, this work may have been more well-known than the “My God” which was presented at the “ARKO 2007 Natsunosuke Mise”. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Artist; Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2007
Genre: Painting
Owner: Ohara Museum of Art
Material: Japanese paper / ink / chalk
Size: 299.0×483.0cm
Exhibition record: “ARKO 2007 Natsunosuke Mise” (Ohara Museum of Art, 20/Oct/2007-02/Dec/2007)
Note: Courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE, Ohara Museum of Art
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