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Ruining Japanese Painting
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: September 25 2009

Panorama view copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE

Mise made this work for the “Ruining Japanese-style Painting” exhibition (C Square, Chukyo University), at the request of the curator, Goro Morimoto. At that time, Mise was visiting Florence, funded by the Gotoh Memorial Foundation, since he had won the Young Artist Prize in the 2006 Gotoh Memorial Foundation Award. Therefore, this work was created in Florence.

In this creation, he made a collage by using junk, which is said to have been picked up on a roadside in Florence. The colorful collage contributes to giving a festal impression to this work, while the black-and-white mountains, which seem to be rising out from the center of the creation, have an overwhelming presence like that of living matter. We also find flags of the Rising Sun and things resembling warships in this picture, which give us a disturbing impression. Nonetheless, it is difficult for us to answer clearly as to whether such an inflected image of this work appears because of the theme of this creation - the ruin of “Japanese-style paintings” and this “difficulty” gives us an intense impression of the whole work. The “Regeneration of Japanese-style Painting”, which was created to form a pair with this work, was also shown at the Meihodo blanc at the same time. Both works were displayed together in the same space for the first time at the “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter” (The Sato Museum of Art). (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Year: 2008
Genre: Painting
Owner: Artist's collection
Material: Japanese paper/ink/chalk/gold leaf/acrylic paint/collage made by using printed materials
Size: 182.0×242.0cm
Exhibition history: “Ruining Japanese-style Painting” (C Square, Chukyo University, 18/Sep/2007-20/Oct/2007), “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter” (The Sato Museum of Art, 15/Jan/2009-22/Feb/2009)
Note: Courtesy of Natsunotsuke MISE Photo view at IMURA ART GALLERY
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