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Strange Scenery
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: August 31 2009

Photo:Nobutada OMOTE, courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE copy right(c)

Mise has been creating folding-screen typed works since 2003. It may be no exaggeration to say that making this type of creation has been his lifework. Folding-screen type works are made by starting from the viewer’s left side and grafting a new painting on the right-hand edge, one after another. The size of work has been enlarged from nineteen panels, which was presented in the “MOT Annual 2006 - No Border -” (Modern Art Museum of Tokyo, Jan/2006), to thirty-four panels (thirty meters long), which was shown in the “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter (The Sato Museum of Art, Jan/2009).

Needless to say, we should not consider only the size of the works. What is important is that we can understand what mattered to Mise at the time he was creating each piece. I have already referred to the following point in the article about the “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter”, so I will not go into detail but his early works were created by using rust or collages of printed materials actively, writing many words on the right-hand screen, and using only ink on the left-hand screen in a simple fashion. Since then, the materials used in his works have changed, such as from rust to foil, and from foil to ink, according to his changing interest in various subjects. As mentioned above, he has used the same motifs in the different works, and his works make us feel as if an enormous amount of different information is depicted in them. I expect him to present his new creations regularly in spite of the limitation of the exhibition sites.
(Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Artist: Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2003-2008
Genre: Paintijng
Owner: Artist's collection
Material: Mixed media
Size: Folding screen of thirty-four panels (154cm×91.5cm/panel)
Exhibition history: “MOT Annual 2006 - No Border -” (Modern Art Museum of Tokyo, 21/Jan/2006-26/Mar/2006), “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter (The Sato Museum of Art, 15/Jan/2009-22/Feb/2009)
Note: Photo by Nobutada OMOTE (at IMURA ART GALLERY) Courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE
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