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Regeneration of Japanese Painting
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: August 30 2009

Panorama view, courtesy of IMURA ART GALLERY copy right(c)Natsunosuke MISE

Mise created this work together with “Ruining Japanese-style Painting”, which was made to be presented at the group exhibition entitled “Ruining Japanese-style Painting”, held at the C Square, Chukyo University at the same term as “Regeneration of Japanese-style Painting”. In contrast to the chaotic and strict image of “Ruining Japanese-style Painting”, this work, through its effective use of chalk, creates a transparent impression as if it is covered with dazzling light.

It shows houses under a starry night sky and a forest of Italian ‘Duomos’ which must have been based on the scenery of Florence, a city Mise was visiting for training at that time. Nevertheless, looking at this work closely, we can find that he depicted subjects such as a flag of the Rising Sun on a Duomo and on mountains - though it is embarrassing to assert that they are pictures of Mount Fuji - just as he did in his previous creations. In this way, Mise fused the scenery of Japan with that of Italy directly in this creation. Nonetheless, such a fusion is different to that used in “Ruining Japanese-style Painting” since, in the latter, he fused them together in an inflected way. After producing this work, Mise changed to using ink as his main material. Thus, this work can be considered as an epoch-making creation among his works. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Artist: Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2007
Genre: Painting
Owner: Artist's collection
Material: Japanese paper / ink / chalk
Size: 182.0×242.0cm
Exhibition history: “Regeneration of Japanese-style Painting” (Meihodo blanc, 18/Sep/2007-07/Oct/2007), “Natsunosuke Mise: Summer in Winter” (The Sato Museum of Art, 15/Jan/2009-22/Feb/2009)
Note: Photo by IMURA ART GALLERY, courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE and IMURA ART GALLERY
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