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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: August 29 2009

This work was presented as a trilogy, which, when viewing from the observer’s left, is composed of the “Hayopira 1”, “Hayopira 2” and “Hayopira 3. They were shown for the first time at the group exhibition of suiboku-ga in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2008, and afterwards they were presented in Japan at the exhibition entitled “Modern Suibokuga 2009 - Present State of Suiboku Expression”, which was held in two places, namely, the Suiboku Museum, Toyama, and the Nerima Art Museum. This creation is outstanding among Mise’s works in that the pieces were created using a bold composition, while using relatively subtle colors of ink overall

I suppose that Mise used the Ainu, “Hayopira”, which means “an armed cliff”, in the titles, probably because he had wandered into some Ainu ruins in the summer of 2008 (“Modern Suibokuga 2009 - Present State of Suiboku Expression”, Suiboku Museum, Toyama/Nerima Art Museum, 2009), or probably because he intended to avoid conveying stereotyped images of “Japan” to Chinese people. Nonetheless, a mountain depicted in the “Hayopira 3” reminds me of Mount Fuji, and “Hayopira 1” makes me feel that it was created using a collage of the hands of a giant statute of Buddha. “Japan” and “Japanese-style paintings” form the most important section of Mise’s body of work, and he depicts these subjects continually, even though he feels some sense of oppression from them. The “Hayopira” seems to show us his fearless and defiant attitude against “Japan” and “Japanese-style paintings”. He may have found a great potential in “local” things.
(Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Artist: Natsunosuke Mise
Year: 2008
Genre: Painting
Owner: Artist's collection
Material: Japanese paper/ink/chalk/printed materials/gold leaf (the “Hayopira 1”), Japanese paper/ink/chalk (the “Hayopira 2” and “Hayopira 3”)
Size: Trilogy, each 250.0cm×360.0cm
Exhibition record: “Form, Idea, Essence and Rhythm: Contemporary East Asian Ink Painting” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 04/Oct/2008-28/Nov/2008), “Modern Suibokuga 2009 - Present State of Suiboku Expression” (Suiboku Museum, Toyama, 30/Jan/2009-22/Mar/2009, Nerima Art Museum, 21/Apr/2009-31/May/2009)
Note: Courtesy of Natsunosuke MISE
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