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Published: October 23 2008

 copy right(c)2007 GALERIE TAIMEI

Her debut work as a professional artist. She does not use strong colors such as red and blue as she did in subsequent oil paintings. She emphasizes the contrast between dark colors and white.

This is the only oil painting that is clearly connected to the direction of the Dermatograph artworks that were produced from the following year, and in these the black-and-white "contrast between the light and the dark” is the main focus in her color expression.

The half-human, half-animal motif has been her favorite since before her debut. However, this work is comparable with it since it does not contain a human figure, but only animals.

Artist: Maiko Kitagawa
Year: 2007
Genre: Painting
Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 65.2×53cm
Last Updated on November 01 2015

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