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Borderless Art Museum NO-MA
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Published: December 28 2009

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The Borderless Art Museum NO-MA was opened in June 2004 in Omihachiman City, Shiga, in an area of the city in which there has been a long history of preserving the traditional architecture found there. This museum holds variegated special exhibitions in the main gallery on its first floor. There is also a gallery space and a tea room on the second floor. The external appearance of the museum retains the features of a traditional cottage.

The main feature of this museum is to introduce the art activities of disabled people shown in parallel with the works of general artists. It aims at becoming a place in which a new art of the "power of a universal expression of the person" intersects through the works over the presence of any disabilities. It is remarkable as an attempt to overcome various boundaries, such as those between the disabled and able-bodied, welfare and art, and art and regional society.

The name "NO-MA" was taken from the name of the landlord of this facility. The word "borderless" expresses the wish to exceed the borders, including "the intersection of welfare and the culture", "the cooperation of art and the city planning", and "the presence of any disabilities".

Address: 16 Nagahara-chokami,Omihachiman-shi,Shiga
Telephone: +81-(0)748-36-5018
Open: 11:00 - 17:00, closed on Monday (except national holidays)
Website: http://www.no-ma.jp/ (Japanese)

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