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Editor's Note
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: September 13 2009

Why did Sanai take the pictures of the characters of the animation, “Neon Genesis Evangelion (Eva)”?  And why did he select for his photographic subjects the characters which are used for pachinko (a Japanese pinball game) rather than that for animation and movies? In this exhibition, whenever I looked at his photos, such a question arose in my mind and it could never be solved. Nonetheless, what Sanai’s photos made me reconfirm through this exhibition is that the Eva continues to be the Eva no matter how many times it is used secondarily. In other words, the Eva’s world always gives us an intense impression, regardless of whether it is being used for pachinko or pictures. In addition, the theme tune of the Eva which was being aired in the exhibition hall contributed to enfolding the viewers within the Eva’s world. I am not sure of the real reason that Sanai included more than forty images of trees, towns and seas which exist in the real world in his photos, but I suppose he succeeded in integrating the two different worlds, namely, fiction and non-fiction, into an equal world by using this method. In his pictures, everything seems to be equivalent. (Translated by Nozomi Nakayama)

Last Updated on June 27 2010

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