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Published: October 09 2008

© Junji Yamada

Born in 1974 in Iida-city, Nagano-prefecture. He graduated from Graduate School of Art, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in oil painting, in 1999. Exploring new expression to melt painting, printing and photo using his original technique called "Intaglio on Photo"(※1). His characteristics are the deeply- silent graceful monochrome world and the organic texture given by plaster objects, which attracts many fans from inside and outside Japan. As opposed to its sweet beauty, his creation is based on logical thinking and his accumulated studies. He pursues every element composing his work such as composition, technique and object: How does "the beauty" he tries to draw become objective "beauty”? He mentioned the following in "the excellent creation" (from "My Creation" written by Junji Yamada provided by Shinobazu Gallery):

"The excellent creation has its own exercise and rule beyond the creator's intention. A creation starts to have its own exercise and rule from birth to restrict a creator. It seems that a creator works its creation of his own free will, however, all he has to do is just to stare at his creation to make sure he is not harming already existing exercise. A creation with its own rule is open to the viewers, not enclosed by the creator's intention, to activate their feelings, trigger their memories and deepen their thoughts."

His choice of a labor-intensive way of creating the object for shooting by himself with wire and plaster shows his curiosity for creation not to fear the difference between his image and the reality. With his unique style and technique, he appears to have already established his originality, nevertheless, future development is highly anticipated.

Intaglio on Photo...Yamada's original technique of direct print on black-and-white printed photographic papers (baryta papers) using the etching press. In comparison with intaglio printing such as copperplate printing on plain paper using a press, it allows both smooth and deep tones, characteristic of gelatin silver prints. The texture produced by ink attached on the surface of the paper, is characteristic of intaglio printing. (provided by Shinobazu Gallery))


     -    Participated to JAPAN CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION (Thailand)
     -    Second Prize at ART BOX Prize Competition   
     -    Award for Excellence at Morikazu Kumagai Prize Competition   
     -    Grand-prize for Encouragement at Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art Print Art Exhibition   
     -    Grand-prize for Encouragement at The Exhibition of The Japan Print Association   
     -    Participated to Kanagawa Arts Foundation Award at Kanagawa International Print Art Triennale   
     -    Participated to Contemporary Woodblock Prints of Korea-China- Japan (Seoul)
     -    Participated to The 12th Seoul International Print Biennale (South Korea)
     -    Award for Excellence at Shigeru Aoki Prize Competition   
     -    Prize for Encouragement at the 3rd Dream Square Haruhi Biennale   
     -    Solo Exhibition, Galerie SUIREN
     -    Solo Exhibition, Galerie SUIREN
     -    Solo Exhibition, Haruhi Museum of ART
     -    Group Exhibition "Art in 'Nagoya' past and future", Nagoya City Art Museum
     -    Group Exhibition "KAMOKU", Lab Gallery(New York)
     -    Group Exhibition "Independent -double reality-", Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
     -    Group Exhibition, Shinobazu Gallery
     -    Participated to VOCA2006, The Ueno Royal Museum
     -    Participated to BAS2006, Bunkamura Gallery
     -    Solo Exhibition, Galerie SUIREN
     -    Group Exhibition "Independent -double reality-", Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
     -    Participated to BAS2007, Bunkamura Gallery
     -    Participated to The 12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition (Taiwan)
     -    Participated to Lessedra Mini Print Exhibition    (Bulgaria)
     -    Participated to INTERNATIONAL PRINT TRIENNIAL KRAKOW (Poland)
     -    Solo Exhibition "VISIONS -proliferating images-", Takashimaya Art Club
   (Jul) Solo Exhibition "DEEP FOREST deja-vu forest-", Art Gallery X in Takashimaya
   (Jul) Solo Exhibition "FOREST", Shinobazu Gallery
   (Feb) Group Exhibition "Form of Present age, Life & Art", Higashi-Hiroshima City Museum
   (Jun) Solo Exhibition "The Pure Land", Chukyo University, C-square
   (Aug) Solo Exhibition "Junji YAMADA", Shinobazu Gallery
   (Dec) Group Exhibition "Perspectives of Contemporary Painting: 12 Horizons", Railway History Exhibition Room
   (Jan) Group Exhibition    Horikawa Project of Aichi Art no Mori, Aich Prefecture

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