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Kyoto Art Center
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Published: October 07 2009

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Opened in April of 2000 as having renovated the former Meirin Elementary School. Kyoto Art Center introduces the diversified cultural activities related with art, music, and the play, the dance, traditional Japanese theaters, and workshops while making the best use of the traditional culture that has been accumulated in Kyoto. Especially, they aim to become a base of the art culture chiefly by supporting young artists, collecting and sending art information with various media, holding an "artist in residence" program, and providing a communication opportunity among artists from outside and inside the country or between artists and the citizens.

In the facility, there a production room, a gallery , a hall and a free space for exhibition and performance, and that performs besides an information corner where handbills and posters of various arts and cultural events, and a library which collects book and audio-video materials on various kind of culture.

Address: 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Telephone: +81-(0)75-213-1000
Open: 10:00 - 20:00
Website: http://www.kac.or.jp/english/

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