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Published: March 02 2010

Courtesy of the artist and NANZUKA UNDERGROUND copy right(c) TATJANA DOLL

The first solo exhibition in Japan of the German artist, Tatjana Doll.
Tatjana Doll was born in 1970 in Burgsteinfurt in Ex-West Germany and graduated from Düsseldorf Art Academy. She is an internationally recognized artist who owns a rare talent that allows her to continuously pursue the possibilities of painting which is inconstantly evolving.
Dynamic and bold, grandiose and overwhelming scale, speediness and throbbing vitality. We usually use this kind of terminology to talk about a champion athlete, but these descriptors perfectly match Tatjana's approach to painting.
She gives priority to large-scale artworks without limits of size, such as the paintings exhibited in Art Unlimited at Art Basel last year. Or one work which represents huge containers, measures 9.8 meter height and 9.8 meter width. Another depicts the high-speed train, Shinkansen, and is 30 meter long. And still another depicts a breakdown truck, and its dimensions are 12 × 4 meter.
Doll enjoys painting all sort of subjects, including cars, planes, road signs, a scene from a movie or an old masterpiece. This interest in various subjects resembles our first impulse, as human beings, to paint in order to satisfy our intellectual curiosity, as we grow and develop.
In this exhibition, Doll shows a new series of car paintings which have made her famous. The series depicts the elite car model, Lamborghini Reventon, produced in a limited edition of 20, which selling price is one million euro. Each painting is highly characteristic of Doll’s work, expressing speed, vitality and amazing energy.
When asked about her large-scale hammer paintings of the past, Doll said: ''A very big hammer was always parked in the street I used to walk through everyday. The first time, I saw it, I thought it was too big. But, after having painted it, I suddenly realized I developed a special relationship with this hammer. My wish is to always show the essence of the object I depict. ''
Doll creates huge artworks that reflect a necessary aspect of the real.
This exhibit marks Doll’s first visit to Japan. An opening reception party will be held on April 3rd. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.
* The text provided by Nanzuka Underground.

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