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Masumi KURA
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: February 17 2010

Courtesy of the artist and ZEIT-FOTO SALON copy right(c) Masumi KURA

Masumi Kura (b. 1975) showcases 25 photograph works mainly of the people the artist met while traveling toward Ise Jingu Shrine, Mie from Nihonbashi. Masumi Kura
1975  Born in Toyama, Japan
1988  Graduated from the Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University
2001  Left the Department of Photography, Tokyo Visual Arts Solo exhibitions:
2001 Neo Documentary “Face of Humanity”Project : “Tokyo-Osaka”, Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2002  “love machine”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo, “love machine vol.2”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo, "love machine vol.3”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo
2003  “love machine vol.4”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo
2004  “Kura’s Pilgrimage to Ise vol.1 : From Nihonbashi to Kawasaki”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo, “Kura’s Pilgrimage to Ise vol.2 : From Kanagawa to Hakone”, photographers’ gallery, Tokyo
2005 “Kura’s Pilgrimage to Ise vol.4 : From Kanaya to Shirasuka”, PLACE M, Tokyo
2006 “Kura’s Horoki Part 1 : Shinjuku”, Golden-gai Kodozi, Tokyo Group Exhibitions:
2001  “Opening Exhibition”, photographers’gallery, Tokyo
2002  Photonesia : the memory of light, the fruits of time: “photographers’ gallery exhibition”, Maejima Art Center, Okinawa
2003  “photographers’ gallery exhibition”, Chukyo University Art Gallery, C.SQUARE, Aichi, In “HITOSHU: human smell against cat smell”, “love machine vol.5”, Space Laboratory, Aomori
2004 Screening “ Ecstasy + Terror”, space harappa, Aomori, In “Yokohama Shashinkan”, “Kura’s Pilgrimage to Ise vol.3 : From Mishima to Shimada”, BankART 1929, Kanagawa
2005 “The Portrait Today : You are here", Parthenon Tama, Tokyo
2007 “Japan Caught by Camera – Works from the Photographic Art in Japan”, Shanghai Art Museum, China
2008 “The history of arts and cities – Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai –“, sendai mediatheque Public Collections: Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum * The artist's data provided by ZEIT-FOTO SALON.

Last Updated on February 19 2010

Editor's Note by Mizuki TANAKA

There are photographs exhibited there, with a little mean viewpoint by exposing the real intention. The objects are general people living in Japan whom a photographer , Kura met and took a picture on the way from Nihonbashi, Tokyo to Ise Jingu Shrine , Mie. The people who do not consider being taken a picture, deviate from the ideal, and show a little stupid natural style on it. They make me recall someone I saw somewhere before. I am also attracted with the gaze of the artist who watches them severely without colluding. If going to this exhibition with someone, it won’t suit for the sake of friendship. It is the kind of exhibition to go with a close friend whom you can speak and laugh in a self‐torment viewpoint.

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