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Nobuaki ONISHI: Chain
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: December 17 2009

Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Nomart, copyright © Nobuaki ONISHI

Onishi announces the latest work which applies the focus on a repeated image and a consecutive event at this exhibition.

Last Updated on December 19 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA

This exhibition shows a new turn of this artist who has been producing “Imitation like real thing of full-scale” works by using FRP or resin. There are still some solid works but only two; “Pottery 1” (ceramics, h: 3, w: 21, d: 21 cm (each), 2009) and “Pottery 2” (ceramics, h: 6.3, w: 7, d: 7 cm (each), 2009). There are various kinds of works including drawings, silk screens, image works, and music, which might puzzle you momentarily if you are familiar in his past works. However if you minutely observes it, you might notice that this variation has succeeded the idea and the way of originality or reproduction which has been inquired repeatedly with the past solid work. Some kind of eeriness comes from the works, and it is differ from the past solid works.

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