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Published: November 19 2009

"Carabus insulicola" (2009); copper, brass, 6x3x5cm, courtesy of the artist and Roentgenwerke AG copy right(c) Haruo MITSUTA

Haruo MITSUTA (b.1980 in Tottori), who completed MFA in Metal Carving at Tokyo University of the Arts, has developed his technique at creating *Jizai Okimono - a kind of Japanese traditional metal craft work originated in Edo period. He has been presenting life-sized insects which are lifelike in detail, mainly in craft field. At our 2009 group show 'Moeglichkeit II', which was the first attempt for him to exhibit at a contemporary art gallery, the works by MITSUTA were highly acclaimed by a lot of viewers. Then, we are finally holding his solo show to meet viewers' expectations. Various types of technology allow us to create things beyond reality, yet if you see MITSUTA's show, you may feel an infinite possibility of handwork. About Jizai Okimono
Jizai Okimono consists of realistically shaped figures of animals made from metal. Their bodies and limbs are articulated, and can be moved like real animals. Among these ornamental figures, models of crabs, shrimps, insects, fish and birds as well as imaginary beings such as dragons, are common. Jizai okimono began to be exported overseas from the end of Edo period to Meiji period, and because of this, it was hidden from Japanese craft history. That is to say, Jizai Okimono is a kind of minor metal craft which did not even have the name until recent years. A reception for the artist will be held on Friday, January 15 from 18:00 onwards. * The text provided by Roentgenwerke AG.

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