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Miki Sato 2010-2021
Published: July 16 2021

《Total Eclipse》 2012 oil on canvas 910×910mm(S30)

In the years since 2010, Miki Sato has been using “face” as the main motif to respond to a world where we are exposed to a barrage of information, whether we want it or not, due to the global expansion of the Internet. In her recent solo exhibition, “The Voices of Silence” (2021), she explained it as a response to her concerns about our future society after the advent of AI. She expressed its concept as the “ethics of human beings”*, and presented works where we could see her deeper exploration of “face”.
Yoshimi Arts has previously held Sato’s solo exhibitions: “Mountain Messenger” (2010), “1 breath, 2 contact” (2011), “STRUCTURE/COSMOS” (2013), “in and out” (2015), “DIVER” (2016), “Have You Seen This FACE?” (2019) and “The Voices of Silence” (2021).
This coming exhibition is a great opportunity to view the transition of her works throughout past years, where we experienced many events, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and a worldwide pandemic. Compared to only viewing Sato’s new works periodically through her solo exhibitions, “Miki Sato 2010-2021” will offer a different, and complete, experience of the artist’s works.

*From the interview on BIJUTSUTECHO (WEB)


Information Provided by: Yoshimi Arts

Period: July 14,2021 (Wed) 〜 August 1,2021 (Sun)
Hours: 12:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed: mon, tue
Venue: Yoshimi Arts

Last Updated on July 14 2021

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