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Josephine H. N. Lui exhibition ”INTANGIBLE LINKAGE”
Published: February 14 2021

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Inspired by various forms of life, Josephine H. N. Lui (Hong Kong) expresses creatively the relationship between human survival and nature and also the philosophical idea that life contains the universe within itself. She mainly uses colours on terracotta and her elaborate works have at glance calmness and yet a tense atmosphere at the same time, and both of them hold deep spirituality. In this exhibition she presents both 3 and 2-dimensional works, and she expresses ‘the connections of existence’ that every single life that is evolving as a seed in this world is born from the same source.


Information Provided by: Gallery K

Period: February 15,2021 (Mon) 〜 February 27,2021 (Sat)
Hours: 11:30~17:00, Saturday~15:00
Closed: Sundays
Venue: Gallery K

Last Updated on February 15 2021

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